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The history of Pavin Caffè is the story of a passion which has been handed down through three generations. It is the story of men, distant lands, daily commitment, true values and total dedication to their job.

These are the key factors which have enabled us to offer a product of authentic quality for over 60 years to our connoisseur. The origins of our company date back to the beginning of the last century in Tombolo - Padua - thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, the brothers Luigi and Raffaele Pavin, who opened the first coffee shop in the village.

In order to offer an espresso with a unique taste and exquisite flavour to the customers of their historical coffee shop, Caffè Commercio, they analyzed the features of the different types of beans by selecting the best of both Arabica and Robusta. Today's blend are the outcome of this long and patient process, passed down through the years.

The fame of the two brother's mastery spread from town to town attracting an increasing number of customers and coffee connoisseurs. In 1950 they founded the present site in Via Chiesa. Pavin Caffè was immediately recognized as synonymous with high quality and skilled craftsmanship, run by people inspired by true passion and great dedication to their daily job.

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